Small trade baking tray cleaning machines

Easy Belt

Unique cleaning result guaranteed

New developed: the Easy Belt is the smaller
one under our baking tray cleaning machines
with efficient cleaning performance.
The Easy Belt has been specially designed
for craft industries and small businesses,


which have to clean various types of baking
trays in smaller quantities.
With the proven BELT cleaning technology
nearly all kinds of baking trays can be
cleaned. Just put the machine on an



existing or optional available
table and slide the baking trays
by hand through the machine.




Compelling arguments

• Small and easy to handle
• Latest cleaning technology
• Developed mainly with
   moulded baking trays in mind
• For coated and uncoated trays
• Easy to use, low-maintenance
   and failsafe
• Just right for baker´s shop
   and small business use

Proven uses

• Smooth trays
• Baguette trays with
   and without edges
• Burger trays, 3- and
   4-edge trays
• For perforated and inperforated trays
• With silicon or Teflon, as well as
• Standard width 800 mm

Efficent cleaning technology

• Innovative belt brushes closely
   adhere to the tray contours
• Long flexible brushes clean
   recesses and indentations particularly
• Coated trays are not
   susceptible to damage